7 Models and Ideas for Critical Thinking and Decision Making

I’m a moron who makes terrible decisions, and likes to pretend he’s getting better at choosing what to do.

Everyday we are driven by decisions we have already made. Much of our brain is flawed and are naturally driven more by emotion than logic. Here are a few models/ideas you can apply to help make better decisions and think clearer:

  1. Adopt systems mentality – Goals are good, but processes will help you get places easier/faster
  2. Study biases – Confirmation bias, survivorship bias, sunk cost fallacy, etc
  3. Think/make big decisions early morning and late at night – More will power/energy, 0 distractions
  4. Hypothesize often – What if’s; breaks biases
  5. Focus on root causes – Whatever has the biggest impact to what you’re trying to achieve
  6. Question sources – Context matters; people’s backgrounds, compensations, and biases matter
  7. WRAP process – widen options, reality-test assumptions, attain distance, prepare to be wrong
  8. Logic tree – If this, then that
  9. Zero-based thinking – Knowing what I do now, would I still make the same decision?
  10. Risk vs. rewards analysis – Worst case scenario? Best case scenario?

Happy thinking,