7 Ways to Make Progress in Life

Occasionally, I take two steps backwards for every step forward. Rightfully expected, but.. Let’s try not to do it too often.

There are a lot of things that hold us back from our true potential. Learning to identify those resistances and consistently break them is what will move your life forward. Here are some ways to get more progress in life:

  1. Stop celebrating – No candy, no breaks; you want more
  2. Set aside emotional endeavors – Hear them out, but quickly shove them aside
  3. Stop spending so much time in your head – Don’t trust them
  4. Make decisions, not suggestions – Answer your problems while everyone is still asking questions
  5. Play offense, not defense – Push boundaries instead of playing within them
  6. There are no rules – Stop following procedures/social norms to the T
  7. Do things you wouldn’t normally do – Shatter your fears in the most ruthless way possible

Happy progressing,