5 Ways to End Distractions for Good

Holy shit, too many goodies on Reddit and Netflix. Sometimes I forget what the fuck I’m trying to do, and end up impulsively browsing crap.

Lots of distractions around you. Learning to recognize and kill them off will only help you progress in life faster. Here are some common distractions

  1. Isolate yourself – Change environment, no phones, curtains closed, no things on your desk/desktop
  2. Block social media/news/email websites Leechblock browser extension
  3. Plan three outcomes – Not task list; OUTCOMES
  4. Take good care of yourself before you start your day – Sweat hard, meditate peacefully, and spend time with your loved ones; physical, mental, emotional
  5. Log yourself every moment – Get good at noticing when you let time slip away

No more dicking around,