10 Shortcut Techniques to Learn and Adapt FAST

I’m so lazy and there are so many things to do, I definitely don’t want to spend forever figuring things out.

Being able to learn and move quickly will be a skill that will have a compounding effect on your life. Here are some shortcuts I use to learn and adapt FAST:

  1. Question what I am about to do – Can’t be mentally lazy
  2. Follow 80/20 rule – Biggest impact stuff goes first
  3. Doing/practice > reading/taking notes – Helps to learn faster
  4. Do/practice consistently – Solidifies memory
  5. Find 1 best expert, copy them – Shortcut
  6. Difficult stuff first – Getting rid of roadblocks
  7. Ask questions in head often – Again, don’t get mentally lazy
  8. Ask why 5x – Finding the root causes
  9. Block negative feelings – Negativity inhibits cognitive processes
  10. Log everything for later review – Analyzing and reflecting

Have fun,