Your “How” Doesn’t Matter To Me / I Want To Keep Changing For The Better

I’ve had a few conversations that prompted me to write this post. I realize I’m extremely aggressive in my approach and can be judgmental toward others.

I want to change this for the better.

Not only because I don’t want to be like this for socially beneficial reasons, but because it doesn’t make sense to apply my standards onto others. Projecting is stupid because we all have different circumstances, think differently, and we can never truly know what the other person is dealing with.

We all have our own ways of doing things.

I am fortunate to have had numerous people mentor me and instill their wisdom onto my plans.  It’s not to say that because I never followed what they have to say that their advice was shit. Their insights provided me clarity in the faults and loopholes of things I was doing, and gave me a different perspective and way of thinking about what’s going on in my life/plans.

Even though there are many times I never took their advice, I was listening to everything they had to say. The only thing is I came to my own conclusions and took action in the way I felt was best.

So what now? What I wrote extends to everyone I meet or speak to. I’m making it clear: however you do things, it’s up for you to decide. I’ll be happy to chime in to help you find what’s best for you.

What’s important in my eyes is where you want to head towards. I’m not interested in judging anyone based on my standards, and prefer to help people realize their best potential.

If you ask me for my thoughts, I won’t shun you because you didn’t follow through what I said. I’m simply glad you asked for my thoughts and took my inputs into consideration.

After we chat, I’ll be excited to see where you take things from here on out. If you want a second opinion from me, I will be grateful you value my thoughts.