Keeping My Curtains Closed! Weather Is Distracting

Anyone find it disruptive to have your curtains open?

If the weather is beautiful, I feel like resting and relaxing outdoor. If the weather is gloomy, I feel lethargic and want to take a nap.

There’s no middle ground, as far as I know. Knowing how the weather is will fuck with my head in some way that never seem to yield positive emotional/mental gains.

I keep my curtains closed 100% of the time to not fall into some sort of emotional trickery my brain will pull on me simply because of the inputs received on how the weather is today.

Should note to myself that I might lack Vitamin D from working on my computer 24/7 and rarely going outdoor…

Osteoporosis will be a risk factor, which would affect my posture and inflict back pain. My sedentary lifestyle also increases my risk.

… Time to go for a walk! Brb.