7 Tips to Ensure Your Online Safety and Privacy

I know just enough of how tech works to be concerned, and will work to protect my privacy.

Privacy is a right; you shouldn’t be tracked or snooped on by default and without your acknowledged permission. This applies to Google, Facebook, third-party advertising platforms and even your Internet service provider. WiFi access provided for you could be spying on your every move as well. Here are some tips to help ensure you are well protected while surfing online:

  1. Change your habits/attitude – Stop sharing phone number and personal info, using <30 characters long passwords, saving credentials on unsecure notepad file, sending sensitive information across unsecure/public connects, etc
  2. Use a password managerKeePass+Dropbox works
  3. Use 2-Factor Authentication for everythingYubikey/Google Authentication
  4. Browser add-ons/tweaks – Visit PrivacyTools.io
  5. Use VPN on desktop/mobileProtonVPN is good
  6. Use Linux – Forget Windows and MacOS operating system; check DistroWatch.com
  7. Encrypt everythingVeracrypt will get the job done

Happy surfing,