7 Core Ideas to Prove You Are Capable of Something

One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing you have amounted to becoming nothing with your life. This also means it can become one of the greatest drivers to getting somewhere. You might have a lot of things going on in your life, but they boil down to just a few core ideas that you need to hit up. Here they are:

  1. Sleep early, wake up early – incrementally get to waking up 3 hours before you leave to go to your job, so you can use the time for yourself
  2. Choose what you put in your mouth – No sugar, no carbs (keto diet), so you can be and feel your best self
  3. Progressively push yourself physically – Week-by-week incremental plan, track, so you can protect yourself and protect others
  4. Make more money – Online businesses is my best recommendation, so you can provide for yourself and for others
  5. Learn to love yourself – Reflect frequently, be real with your positive, desired and repulsive traits, cut away the repulsive, add new desired traits, so you can care for yourself and for others
  6. Do the things you know you need to do – Put your foot down, despite your uncertainties, self-doubt, and fears
  7. Continuously research to do all this better – Learn to research things, so you can hone your focus and mental capability to pursue self-improvement and can offer better advice when others ask for it

Get started now,