Log 2: Simplifying Daily Reporting with Template v2.00 / Changing Exercise Routine with Insanity Asylum / Dissecting My Limiting Beliefs

It’s been some time, let’s see how I changed up my life recently:

1. Simplifying Daily Reporting with Template v2.00

I published a template (v1.02) for reporting to myself daily as a way to track what’s been going through my head, and what I get done. After some deep reflection on my beliefs (more on this later), I got annoyed at how many questions I had to fill out. I ended up tossing the entire template and created v2.00.

6am: What needs to get done today:

  • Item one
  • Item two

9pm: What needs to get done tomorrow:

  • Item one
  • Item two

So what now? Keep up the daily reporting. Overall, the morning and evening routine didn’t change, but the amount of time and effort expended filling it out does improve. I get to think less and focus on getting things done.

2. Changing Exercise Routine with Insanity Asylum

A friend of mine recently suggested doing Insanity Asylum. My current exercise routine outlined in this mini “get started” guide has been effective. Except I haven’t really done any more new research or tried any new methods for like ever (we’re talking about more than a year+). So why not?

What now? For 6 days a week, I’m looking at 1h of following a video exercise routine with a Mr. Shaun T telling me stuff. Although I don’t need this, I’m up for the challenge and want to see what I can take away from this 30-day routine.

A brief skim through the videos did give me a few ideas for cardio, which could be added to my existing workout routine. Hmm…

I will also be meeting up with my friend once a week to do a day of the program together.

3. Dissecting My Limiting Beliefs

A friend shared an amazing guide found here on exploring and overcoming limiting beliefs. I spent a good portion of my evenings this week answering the questions found in this guide one by one, and even stayed up a few nights because I couldn’t help but dig deeper into my thoughts.

I won’t share everything, but here are two interesting things I learned about myself:

  • I’m afraid of losing everything because I have lost everything several times whenever I took action, therefore inaction can yield the best result.
  • I don’t trust anyone, always avoided my friends and never relied on anyone else because I have been hurt before, therefore any decision making tends to favor doing things on my own.

So what now? I plan on removing any underlying doubt I have preventing me from making optimal decisions. This means reflecting on my limiting beliefs either on a daily or weekly basis.

There is a potentially compounding effect underneath all this beliefs/convictions mumbo jumbo as our decision making process is driven by them and we make hundreds if not thousands of decisions each day.

Quick self-note: not all decisions deserve equal weight in consideration. There are only few big impact decisions we make each day. Those are what I want to optimize.