10 Steps to Start Trading Cryptocurrencies

I believe in cryptocurrencies, and a friend has opened my eyes to the idea of trading with him.

There are a lot of opportunities for growth in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. You can simply invest and wait, or you can trade as it goes up (with more profit potential vs. simple hodling). Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Prepare to put money on the line – Expect losses
  2. Follow 1 expert – To learn
  3. TradingView.com – For analyzing charts
  4. Get process oriented – Money can get you emotional
  5. Learn risk/money management – Not all eggs in one basket
  6. Learn patterns – Spot market trends
  7. Lots of fucking patience – Don’t rush into things
  8. Take breaks – Overwhelming is inevitable
  9. Game plan – Expect massive market corrections
  10. Play the long game – Unless you are a robot

Happy trading,