Log 1: Change of Priorities and Scheduling / Reacquainting Myself with the Cryptospace / Affiliate Business Update / My Morning and Evening Routine Revisited / I’m Blogging Again..?

Alright. What’s happening in my life? 5 recent things and my action plan.

1. Change of Priorities and Scheduling

For the past three months, I have always started my daily grind with working on my affiliate sites. I barely touch on any cryptospace news because I felt the recurring income that comes from affiliate marketing was more important than the profits from cryptocurrency investments for the lifestyle I want to achieve.

Considering how much growth has been going on in the cryptospace for the past few years including 2017, focusing on affiliate sites was definitely not my most optimal decision if I want to swim in money sooner than later $$$$$. Not to say I didn’t gain from the boom, but I certainly could have gained way more and have done less.

So what now? Starting tomorrow, I will change my initial daily focus to the cryptospace. This means reading lots of white papers and reacquainting myself with the cryptospace once more.

2. Reacquainting Myself with the Cryptospace

Relatively simple. Lots of money still, especially given the recent altcoin rally + Bitcoin dominance dropping from 60% to 40% in Q4 2017.

Wewww. Time to dethrone Bitcoin.

So what now? Keeping it real simple, two ideas for reacquainting myself to the space are:

  1. Any current buzz from my trusted sources with latest crowdsales
  2. Checking out white papers of top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap (what the fuck Ripple is #2?)

Nothing fancy. Simply lots of reading. I want to know what’s going on. Time to put on my reading glasses. 8)

3. Affiliate Business Update

December is the biggest month for affiliates so my $ progress cannot be considered normal. I did do a few thousand in revenue the last three months, so that’s pretty exciting.

Traffic progress has been steadily growing, so I can probably assume that Google has given me its blessing, thus rewarding me with visitors. I was expecting my first website to show life 3-6 months later, but I’m cool with making money now.

Huzzah. On my way to ruling the world.

So what now? System-wise, I am keeping things stupidly simple to A) make my life easy, and B) stay focused on the big impact stuff. Fuck technical SEO crap. Proper research + publishing decent-value targeted content + building links is my way to go.

I also launched website #2 in a different niche so that’s nice.

4. My Morning and Evening Routine Revisited

For the longest time, I have been winging my day. Not the brightest decisions as I pretty much neglected my previous reflections on how important having a structured day is to my overall success.

I took a deep dive into how I started and ended my day, then structured the crap out of it. Here is how it looks like now after some repair:


  • Washroom/shower/brush teeth
  • Caffeine pill/morning think
  • Meditate
  • Exercise/shower
  • Start work


  • Stop work
  • Meditate/computer OFF
  • Daily report (priorities/to-do/reflecting)
  • Study a book
  • Brush teeth/shower
  • Melatonin/sleep

Nothing complex. Should help improve my mental capacity and keep my daily life at an emotionally consistent level.

So what now? Nothing. Shut up. I’ve been doing it for the past few days already.

5. I’m Blogging Again..?

Yes. Fuck. Leave me alone. This is only my 14th time restarting thebrieblog.com. LOL. It’s funny because I always wanted my own website that is all about me and how big my head is up close. I have the blogger itch, so here I am once more.. Living it up..

*Scratch scratch*.

So what now? NO IDEA.