3 Ways to Start Exercising Daily

Sitting on my ass all day has health risks. Let’s not get rich only to die an early life cursed with physical ailments.

It can get confusing with so many ways to exercise. Depending on your goals, you may want to do things differently. What doesn’t change is the fact you need to do it first and foremost. Here are a few ways to start doing right away:

  1. Simple as fuck – Start right now
    1. Pull-ups/dips
    2. L-sit/squats
    3. Push ups/rows
  2. Target body parts – Pick 3 to 5 exercises
    1. Back/biceps
    2. Chest/triceps
    3. Shoulders/abs
    4. Legs
  3. Pick a sport – Go to community center

Have fun physically exerting,